academy student life #2

Wetsus Academy Student Life: Harrison Nabaala Leshao
In ‘WA Student Life’ we put our students in the spotlights! Who are they? What do they think of our Master Program? What’s their plan for the future? In this 2nd edition the spotlight is on: Harrison Nabaala Leshao, originally from Kenya and 28 years old. Harrison is from southern Kenya, Maasai Mara. Maasai mara is very remote and they have no running water over there. They collect rainwater in the pans (ditches). That motivated Harrison to come to the Wetsus Academy, he wants to help his community with this issue in the future.

· When did you start at the Wetsus Academy?
I started in September 2017. I just graduated and im really excited about that!
My most memorable time at the Wetsus Academy was probably my 7 months in the lab during my thesis. This was a very fun time and I learned a lot.

· How do you experience the Master so far?
The master turned out to be world class. My knowledge and confidence grew so much the past 2 years! The 1st year starts with a great introduction about the Water Technology topic. The real basics are explained here and this prepares you for the stages to come. The Master really is one of the best because you get more than just knowledge. Also the social network u get with lecturers and fellow students, gives you a big network where you can benefit from for the rest of your career.
At the same time you get a lot of freedom and I love that. The culture here is very open as well so it’s very easy to create a nice social life.

I really love the Netherlands as well, I think it’s absolutely breathtaking. You live on a piece of land that used to be water, that’s incredible. That’s why I also associated the Netherlands with water and i thought that such a country must be experts in Water Technology.

· Which course did you like the best?
Micro Biology and Colloid Chemistry.
It’s amazing to see the small things that u can’t see with your naked eye but have huge impact.

· What did u find the most challenging?
The seasons here… In Kenya we have 12/12 hours days and no seasons. The winters here can be pretty cold, im really not used to that back home.
During winter its hard to bike because it can be very slippery.
I also had problems sleeping because the changing biological clock but fortunately this improved after a while.

· Tell us your funniest anecdote of the last 2 years.
In Kenya, when we have lunch or diner we don’t talk… But here in the Netherlands it’s a social event. Its hard for me to keep up. When I go back I have to learn to shut my mouth again while eating.

· What are you going to miss the most after you’re gone?
I’m really going to miss the friends at Wetsus and the Wetsus Academy. The Netherlands in general has very friendly and honest people, they are really open. I’m going to miss that as well. And I’m going to miss all the events that get organized in Leeuwarden.

· Now what…
Go back to Kenya. I have a part to play in providing knowledge and information in my home country. Try to make a system so they can drink clean water..

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