academy student life #1

Wetsus Academy Student Life: Iñigo de Eguren Cordoba
In ‘WA Student life’ we put our students in the spotlights! Who are they? What do they think of our Master Program? What’s their plan for the future? In this first edition the spotlight is on: Iñigo de Eguren Cordoba (24). Originally from Bilbao, situated in the Basque country in the north of Spain. Before he came to the WA he studied Environmental Engineering at the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao.

· When did u start at the Wetsus Academy?
In 2017 September. This means that I’ll start my internship now, and if everything goes well I’ll finish my Master in August 2019.

· How do you experience the Master so far?
I’m really having a great time over here. The Master is on a high level so it’s challenging and I like that a lot. I also really like the personal approach. For example: i like to complain a lot (in a good way, because I care ;-)) and they really hear you when u make suggestions to improve the program. The reason why I care is because this Master is one of the best around. And when something you like could even be better, you fight for it. That’s the reason I’m always part of the activities (open days, activities with students…) and part of the program committee of the Master.
Also, the life in the Netherlands suits me very well. I love the city of Leeuwarden and the biking culture over here!

· Which course did you like the best?
Biological waste water treatment. After 2 periods with more specific subjects we can combine all this obtained knowledge during this course into real application and observe the whole picture.

· What did u find the most challenging?
When I started my Master our lessons took place in a different building then the Wetsus building. We (the master students) felt that we weren’t really part of the Wetsus community at that moment so that was a bit challenging for me. We talked with the Coordinator and discussed this issue with the result that from this month on we have our own classroom inside the Wetsus Building and I’m really happy with that! So once again, they really listened to us J.

· Tell us your funniest anecdote of the last 2 years.
The first thing that popped in my mind was that my mom and some friends came to visit me at Wetsus one day on a Friday afternoon, so they expected to find some students, PhD and employees who were low in energy (because it was a Friday afternoon) and who were waiting for the weekend to start. But when they arrived, they couldn’t believe their eyes that everybody was still so energetic, motivated and working hard. The look on their faces was priceless…

· What are you going to miss the most after you’re gone?
I think that will be the unique environment at Wetsus and the Wetsus Academy. The community we have here is really special. My colleagues & fellow students are more friends I’m really going to miss those people and that atmosphere.

· Now what…
First of all I my internship off course, and after that I would like to stay in the Netherlands for bit longer. I really like it here. I’m just going to look for nice business opportunities and then who knows what might happen. In the meantime, I’m learning the Dutch language (free language lessons for Europeans over here) and summer is coming up and i love the summers here in Leeuwarden! And maybe, after a few years, I’ll go back to Spain.

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