Do i need to register at the municipality?

All foreign students staying in the Netherlands for more than four months must register as a resident of Leeuwarden (or any other city if you do not live in Leeuwarden) at the Town Hall municipal registry office. In the introduction week, we make an appointment with the registry office (Dutch: ‘burgerzaken’) and you can join us for registration.

The required documents are:

As soon as the municipality has completed your registration, you receive a letter with your personal Citizen Service Number (Dutch: Burger Service Nummer). Please, keep this letter and number on a safe place.

Note: It is important to keep your address at the municipality up to date as many governmental agencies use this database, including the IND (Immigration Office). Always inform the municipality when you change your living address or if you are leaving the Netherlands for a longer period.

City Hall Address Leeuwarden

Oldehoofsterkerkhof 2

8900 JA Leeuwarden


Monday to Friday     08.30 – 17.00

Thursday                 08.30 – 19.30

* The birth certificate and the marriage certificate need to be legalized. Certificates form countries that are a member of the Apostille Convention only need an Apostille seal. These documents needs to be written in Dutch, English, French or German. If the document is in any other language, it has to be translated by a sworn translator. These documents should be in order before you arrive in the Netherlands. Chinese students need a so-called ‘hukou’ (= birth certificate) or they must show a notarized certificate, which states that the birth certificate has been drawn up using a ‘hukou’.

Please, contact the Dutch embassy in your country of origin for more detailed information about legalisation. Find a Dutch embassy in your country on Dutch embassies.


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