alexandros mandalidis

From shy environmental engineer to head sales manager

Alexandros, student from 2013 to 2015, is now the head sales engineer at Temak, Greece, but functions as the jack-of-all-trades of the company. His deep knowledge in water tech granted him the job back in his homeland instantaneously after a casual chat at Aquatech Amsterdam. Yet he couldn’t help but return to see the Wetsus Academy once more, “I can’t stop thinking about this place,” he says.

Driven to quench his thirst for knowledge and to better the world, Alexandros Mandalidis has seeked out ways to learn and aid. Starting with a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering, he quickly discovered his passion for the global water problem.

As he stumbled upon the Wetsus Academy master’s degree via the department of his old university, Alexandros was instantly sold. Alexandros: “I was ready to do something else – to renew energy – and with the economic crisis overshadowing Greece, the Netherlands was an ideal place to go. Plus, I’ve always wanted to study abroad.”

It turned out to be an experience of world-class. “I had such a great time in Holland. Not only did I enjoy the deep knowledge we got from many different fields,” Alexandros says, “but my classmates, the closeness, I had never expected and truly made it and unique time well spent.

I did not simply listen and repeat knowledge. I truly learned a new way of thinking. It entirely changed me: it gave me independence, confidence, and a drive.”

Marching into head sales management

With his newly gained knowledge and skills, Alexandros quickly came across the place to put it to good use: Temak – a Greek company that desalinates and purifies water all over the Aegean Islands and Hellenic mainland. “While at the big water conference – Aquatech Amsterdam – I happened to talk to a Greek company, and they were interested in the study I did here. So, I was invited to come to help out. I hardly had an interview; they were so enthusiastic.”

Ever since, Alexandros has been working his way up – rapidly making it to chief sales engineer. “I’m involved with the sale and placing of new desalination plants. I get to analyze the client’s problem and see how we can help them out and win them a little—making sure that inhabitants, tourists, and others have safe a good drinking water, which is quite a challenge on the islands.

It’s great to be involved in the entire process. With my insights into the desalination process – and chemistry in general – I feel like I can help out the customer. Plus, that is the fun part of the job. I love being on sight and doing some more engineering.

Next to that, I meet so many different people from various fields. Not only engineers and others involved in the building process, but also the area’s mayors. It’s incredible to see them pleased with the mills. All 15 plant commissioners have challenged me. They keep me sharp. I want to be ever-improving.

Great memories, great future

Still, I would like to be more involved in the engineering process. The time I spent at the Wetsus Academy was primarily on wastewater treatment, so I would like to use my knowledge on that subject further.

But in the end, I’m more than glad to have studied here. Jubilant. I can’t stop thinking about this place and my marvelous fellow students.”

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