puzzle hunt 24-1:
sampling an 81-well plate

Pieter has decided to do his microbiological analyses highly efficiently. “It’s very simple,” he says. “I can test a variable on the x-axis, a variable on the y-axis, and there’s room for another seven parameters and two controls on this plate if I color and draw the boxes this way.”

Please help Pieter out.

“Don’t you see it?” he says. I don’t have to test each variable against the others as I know from another test that they don’t influence each other, I just want to make sure to have two test per row, column and box. One thing though, proximity is a problem. Make sure that in the eight wells surrounding each sample, there is no other sample. So, to have two samples in the top-left most box, one cannot be placed in row 1, column 2 (as seen from the top left). It would prohibit another sample taken as all boxes surrounding this r1c2 are then directly in contact with that cell.”

To find your next puzzle, head to wetsusacademy.nl/rWcXrYcZ where the W, X, Y, and Z are to be replaced by the coordinates given in rows (r) and columns (c) of the samples in the top right box, with the left-most samples being rWcX and the right-most rYcZ.

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